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Convention Report

On November 1, 2008 the NED Alumni Association of New England hosted NED Alumni 4th annual convention at the Marriott in Farmington, Connecticut. The conference was designed to help establish a more effective collaboration between NED University and its Alumni in the United States by:

  1. Discussing the help that Alumni can provide to NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET);
  2. Discussing current ranking of NEDUET in Pakistan;
  3. Explaining the significance of curriculum and technology in an institution and how NED standards differ from other top-notch institutions in countries as US and India.

The convention was highly successful. It attracted an attendance of about 150 in the morning session of panel discussions, while in the evening the dinner and entertainment session was attended by over 400 guests. These guests had traveled from all parts of the country including California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Canada.

The morning panel speakers were distinguished faculty members of NEDUET, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Shamsul Haque, Dean of Engineering and Architecture, Dr S F A Rafeeqi and Chairman of Civil Engineering, Dr S Lodi. Other members in the panels were renowned engineers of NED University, who are currently working in the US. The panel discussions were moderated by Engineer Rashid Ali Baig and Engineer Abul Islam.

The evening program included a guest speaker speech by Consulate General of Pakistan, Mr Mohsin Razi, award presentations, keynote speech by Dr Faisal Arain and fun filled entertainment by fashion designer Ghazala Asam, comedian Ayaz Khan and singer Janice Miller.

Main sponsors for the convention were AI Engineers Inc, Jersey Precast, Chowk, Perkan Concrete, MKM Construction, Geo Environment Inc, Garg Consulting Services and Khan Construction Company.

It was announced in the convention that the 5th annual alumni convention will be hosted by NED Alumni Association of Southern California in Los Angeles in summer 2009.


The panel discussions at the convention have set the stage for ideas and discussions to improve NEDís standards and how the alumni can work to help the alma mater. The convention follow-up action plan is as follows:

  1. Alumni should register themselves at the NED University website. The website is:
  2. Alumni should help NED University by bigger donations from entrepreneurs, business persons, with the objective of creating an endowment funds. Individual donations can be made to NED by visiting the website and registering as Alumni.
  3. The modalities of collecting and administering funds needs to be discussed. It is understood that Moin Ahmed/Ehtisham Siddiqui shall help NEDUET establish online collection system through credit cards e.g., 123 Signup or PayPal. Follow-up required.
  4. It is understood that funds generated be spent on items like research and development, faculty and student training and development and eventually on improvement of NEDUET physical infrastructure(s) e.g. library, computer system etc.
  5. A database committee should be formed to compile an accurate and comprehensive database of Alumni in US/Canada. The committee will publish the database both in electronic version and hard copy of Alumni list in 2009.
  6. A web page shall be setup for the national NED Alumni Association with the objective of coordinating activities of all local chapters and keeping Alumni and NEDUET informed.
  7. The time span from the conclusion of 2008 convention to the inauguration of 2009 national convention will be utilized to:

    1. Obtain input from NEDUET faculty, alumni and others to improve the NED Alumni Association (National) as well as local chapters in order to move towards establishing a working and viable national organization with transparent and accountable organizational structure through consensus, participation and input from all local chapters.

    2. It was generally felt that there is a need to establish a more formal national Alumni organization. This entails making NED Alumni Association a registered non-profit organization with by-laws acceptable to the local chapters and the alumni at large. The relationship between the local chapters and national organization also needs to be clearly established so that governance is transparent and there is clear accountability.

  8. The progress of these efforts shall be formally announced in the next convention.

Dated: November 10, 2008  Middletown, CT
Submitted by:
NED Alumni Association of New England
Abul Islam, President
Aslam Siddiqui, Vice President
Muhammad Ammad, Treasurer
Muhammad Asif Iqbal, Joint Secretary
Zaheer Sharaf, General Secretary

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